Gurusthanam Playschools offers weekly specials for all children including English, Music, Dance & Movement, Intro to Cooking, Water Play, Library, Indoor Soft Play Gym, and Confidence Counseling. In support of our curriculum Approach to growing the child mind-body-soul, these specials were chosen as they help strengthen the minds and bodies of the children and relate to building their confidence, agility, resilience and strength.


Children of all ages are exposed to English with our native-speaking Hindi teacher through songs, games, picture cards and coloring. Young children’s minds are sponges for learning, especially languages. Studies show that a multi-lingual brain is quicker at processing information and resolving conflicts. Confidence and resilience are both developed and strengthened.  


Music is taught weekly to all of the children. While songs and finger play classics are taught in the classroom, children go to our specialized music room for weekly lessons. Here the children are exposed to instruments including the piano, drums, xylophone, guitar, percussion and more. Plus, the children are introduced to music concepts such as rhythm, timing, sheet music, and singing. Studies show that music enhances children’s learning by boosting their brain power, improving their memory, building their confidence, teaching them patience and discipline, it helps them be create and gives them an outlet for self expression. Children LOVE to sing and dance and play instruments, and our music teacher helps foster this.  

Dance & Movement

Children learn about dance and movement with our dance teacher in our very own dance studio. This helps develop their gross motor skills, strengthens their bodies and teaches them rhythm and balance. They gain confidence in their abilities through dance, develop patience, resilience, listening skills and concentration and become more agile.  

Intro to Cooking

We all have to eat and studies show that when children are involved in the process they are more willing to try new things. And, we’re able to sneak in science lessons, too! During Intro to Cooking, the teachers work with the children to make basic, fun recipes that they can also eat. Cooking helps build their confidence, teaches them about nutrition, teaches them to follow step-by-step instructions and can help build their resilience.  

Water Play

Gurusthanam Playschoolhas a large outdoor tiled water play area which we turn into a fun-filled aquatic adventure once a week. The children put on their swimsuits and splash away in baby pools, play with water toys and get all wet safely under their teachers’ supervision. By playing with toys in the water the children are learning things like cause and effect (when the water is poured in the cup what happens? How does the water make the ball move?); they are learning to share; they are developing an understanding of special awareness; it provides an early introduction to science (What floats? What sinks?); hand and eye coordination improves; it’s a tactile and sensory activity; it promotes movement of their bodies.  


Each week the children visit our Library for Story Time and to also pick out books to look at themselves. Reading daily with children helps them build their literacy skills necessary to become proficient readers and learners in Primary school. It helps strengthen their under-standing of words; helps them learn a language; provides a foundation for identifying letters, numbers and colours; helps with recognizing and understanding space and measure (big and small, up or down, inside or outside); provides them with information about themselves and others in a community (family, workers, community helpers, people of other ethnicities/religions);